About the Company

GridPlex Networks LLC is an early-stage Cleantech and IT company with a revolutionary energy management system designed for rapid, scalable deployment to communities of energy end-users worldwide. 

The adaptive intelligent GridPlex solution can enable qualified energy users in commercial, institutional and multi-tenant buildings to reduce electric use by up to 15%/mo without complicated set up or installation and with no sacrifice in comfort or convenience.  GridPlex’s innovative technology is supported by exclusive licenses to five issued patents and two pending applications. 

The GridPlex solution is the next level in energy management for commercial-institutional, multi-use buildings and multi-tenant communities –  a segment that includes over 90% of all US commercial structures and that consumes around 60% of all US electricity.  The generation and use of this electricity costs these energy consumers more than $200B every year, and accounts for almost 40% of US carbon-emissions. 

Field tests have validated that qualified users in these buildings will recover the entire cost of the GridPlex system, monthly fees and installation in as little as two years.  Continued monthly savings over the 20-year installed life of the system can provide an ROI of up to 10-times the initial customer investment.

The core of the GridPlex solution is its patent pending, multi-protocol, automation software delivered over the internet as an intelligent goal-driven SaaS service.  In mid-2011, GridPlex completed the first beta deployment of its 4th generation energy conservation platform in a new LEEDS platinum community at The Presidio in San Francisco, CA that has been called “the most sustainable community in the San Francisco Bay area”. GridPlex monitors eight separate electrical zones in each of seven tenant units, including real-time utility main power, major appliances, heating, lighting, thermostats, and each of seven individual solar systems.  Control of 35 thermostats enables users to balance grid power with solar output, and set targets to maximize conservation. 

While GridPlex is focusing its initial efforts on demonstration projects with communities of qualified commercial and institutional end-users, the technology is also designed for future introduction to multi-home developments and single-family residences.  GridPlex’s enhanced adaptive software and automation platform is being  further expanded to manage additional local generation systems such as wind and geothermal, and to integrate electric vehicle charging and discharging.

GridPlex was founded in March 2009 by Lawrence Silverman, a successful serial entrepreneur and MIT trained scientist (Physics and Computer Science/Cybernetics).   Larry has worked in energy management, energy automation and utility smart systems for more than ten years, leading co-development utility, energy automation and end-user conservation projects with Raytheon, EPRI, IBM and others.  He has invested over $5.5M during the last decade to build the foundation for the GridPlex venture.

GridPlex has a unique and compelling solution to energy management that can be used effectively by any user regardless of technical skill.  The GridPlex solution is designed to operate on a wide range of off-the-shelf, industry-standard devices, enabling “any one to use it - and every one to save.” TM


Adaptive Energy Management:™
Any one can use it – Every one can save!™